Inview Measurement

Don’t waste your budget on impressions that aren’t seen.

We measure when your ad is in view and for how long on all devices. We support the IAB 3MS standard of 50% of your ad inview for more than 1 second but also tell you 5 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec and 30 second. You can also measure your own standard if you want.


Real time protection

User generated content is no longer the PR problem it used to be.

We offer the the only brand safety tool in the market today that has been independently proven to be able to react in changes in page content as they occur. User generated content is no longer the PR problem it used to be. Source: ABCe report (reference report).

Advanced Brand Safety

Control the environment your brand appears in.

Whether you are using whitelists or blacklists (or both) we make brand safety a dream to manage.


Benefit from industry experts

The biggest industry bodies in the digital and law enforcement worlds.

We have teamed up with the biggest industry bodies in the digital and law enforcement communities to take the BIG worry out of online advertising.

All campaigns that run with us are protected by:

  • FACT database blocking illegal download websites
  • UK Metropolitan Police fraud database

IBM Category Technology

IBM crawls and categorises 150 million URLs and images every month, crucially at page level not just the domain.

Project Sunblock has partnered with IBM to provide 68 separate content classifications for the most accurate page categorisation. Some things are best left to those who know them best.


Real time monitoring on your mobile

Fix problems as they happen and not when it’s too late.

No point in finding out about a problem a week after it has happened. We have reports so detailed your inner geek will get very excited. Better still, you can get campaign stats on your phone or tablet in near real time (stats delayed by 15 mins).

Developer-friendly API

We like to get along with everyone, so we figured the best way to do this was to make it really easy to work with us.

We have a complete RESTful API for delivery, admin and reporting that lets you integrate us into your business seamlessly. If we get on really well we can even customize our report API so you have endpoints just for you.